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VA Home Loans

When it comes to VA home loans, being able to represent both buyers and sellers is important in order to gain better understanding the concerns and needs of any client. Here at Veteran Mortgage, we can help with VA mortgages if you are looking into purchasing a new home or can answer all of your questions if you are looking for VA refinance services.

When you buy property, it is an investment and a mortgage broker knows from a financial standpoint how valuable this is to a buyer. Hopefully, you will be able to purchase a place that you can call a home for years to come. An experienced mortgage agent can help make sure that you get the best VA home loan rates. With our tailored plans suitable for you, we can help with your home purchase loans and reverse mortgage needs.

VA Home Loans
If you are interested in VA home loans, call Veteran Mortgage in El Cajon, CA for more information.

There are three main criteria the VA uses to determine the loan amount you qualify for:

  1. INCOME: Job stability and a minimum 2 year work history is normally required. After calculating your gross monthly income and subtracting all taxes, utilities, credit card monthly payments the VA guidelines require a minimum of $496 left over depending on family size. The VA is very flexible on income qualifying and during your FREE 20 minute counseling session we can help determine the amount you qualify for and how to qualify for more.
  2. CREDIT: The VA wants to help Veterans qualify to buy a home and is very flexible with credit history. In general, if your credit score is low the VA may still approve your loan but may reduce the amount of Home Loan you qualify for. During the FREE 20 minute counseling session we can counsel you on how to increase your credit scores if needed.
  3. APPRAISED VALUE: The VA allows you to purchase a home with no down payment up to 100% of appraised value. The VA Funding Fee if applicable can be financed above the appraised value. During the FREE 20 minute counseling session ask how to qualify for the Veteran Mortgage Centers no closing costs home loan.